Sam Smith

Digital & Print Designer

A web & graphic designer, with a love of visual communication, from art to photography to design. Since graduating with a degree in Fine Art over a decade ago, Sam has been working as a graphic designer, specialising in latter years in digital design and front-end development. Sam is the founder of Mint Canary.


Open Data Day

Website redesign and build.

Personal blog, design and build.

Open Knowledge International

Website redesign, for Open Knowledge International

Guess Who?

Custom, bespoke Guess Who? game.


Rebranding, UI/UX design, and front-end development.


OpenTrials designs, for Open Knowledge.

Lobbying Transparency

Lobbying Transparency website design and build. For Open Knowledge.

Frictionless Data

Website design for Open Knowledge.

Open Knowledge Theme

Open Knowledge branded, website theme.

Open Knowledge Services

Full design and build of the Open Knowledge Services website, for Open Knowledge.

Stop Secret Contracts

Complete Stop Secret Contracts campaign website, from concept to build. For Open Knowledge Foundation.

DM2E Pundit Video

Promotional video for Pundit, commissioned by Digitised Manuscripts to Europeana. From concept, through story boarding to production.

UK Government Data Portal website design, for Mint Canary.

LinkedUp Challenge Video

Promotional LinkedUp Challenge video, for LinkedUp Project. From concept, through story boarding to production.

Phil Jackson

Phil Jackson website design and build, for Mint Canary.


Recline.js identity and website design, for Open Knowledge Foundation.

The B Goodes

Website and CD artwork for The B Goodes. Work for Mint Canary.

Mint Canary

Website design and build for Mint Canary.

Total Car Parks

Website and mobile app design, for Azexis.

Dooley Rumble

Designs for Dooley Rumble website, for Azexis.