Guess Who?

Small project, designing a custom, bespoke version of the guessing game Guess Who?

Guess Who?

This work was sort of a personal project. It was on behalf of myself and my colleagues at the time; and was to create a farewell present for a departing member of the team. The gift was a version of the game Guess Who?, featuring illustrations of the aforementioned team members.

I suggested this idea as a present (volunteering to make it) based on our colleagues love of board games. It felt like a fun and fitting way to create a souvenir of the teams time together. I decided to use an off the shelf version of the game as a starting point. I would then replace the illustrations with my own. I started producing black and white illustrations of my colleagues.

Screenshot of design process

Once happy with the likenesses, I started adding colour and additional details. It was important to create an appropriate balance of identifiable features, such as colours, and hats; this would facilitate the mechanics of the game.

Final illustration Final illustration Final illustration Final illustration Final illustration Final illustration

I had the completed artwork printed, then I trimmed it to size, ready to be packaged with the original game.

Trimming artwork
Finished cards

With the unusually small target audience of one, I can be pretty confident that the work met its goal.

My dream has come true. I’m in a board game! Awesomest, just plain and simply awesomest!

Tryggvi Björgvinsson, recipient of game.

Project roles

  • Illustration
  • Print design
  • Craft