A website to facilitate transparency in Danish municipalities, via the publication and discussion of open data.

Open Data DK is an association for Danish municipalities, with the purpose of creating transparency in public administrations. It aims to do this chiefly with the publication of open data. Open Data DK has many regional members, such such as Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg, and Odense. My work on this project was done on behalf of Datopian.

The main challenges of this project were to combine the content of two existing websites; and to reimagine the existing visual identity. There was an additional challenge of the content being in a language that I do not speak. I was brought onto the project for my domain specific expertise, and proven record on delivering in this space.

The two existing websites had grown out of the two differing types of content that were being produced, broadly data and blog posts. Not only did Open Data DK believe that all this content should be located on a single site, they also expressed concern about the lack of consistency and identity in them visualaly. With the requirements established, Open Data DK requested delivery of multiple sets of designs, to be presented as options for their board to consider. Discussions between myself and the client lead to a decision to produce one set of designs based on existing brand guidelines, and another unrestrained by what had come before. Below are first the preexisting logo and then a new one created as part of this work.

Logo design

I took elements from existing visual identity and ran with them, to create something more distinct. In the logo for example I introduced suggestions of a “D” and a “K” to the featured “O”. I shifted the colours to create a more identifiable palette. I used and expanded the emerging identity to create components for the website. Bold use of the new geometric typeface in combination with the colour palette created a minimal, but identifiable look. The identity was reinforced by the reuse of the shape formed by the logo.

Home page design

Open Data DK liked the designs that came out of the new identity, but wanted to walk back the departure from their existing identity. A third set of designs was therefore requested that would work the existing logo into the designs. This third set of designs were the ones ultimately selected.

Alternate home page design

For this first stage of the project I was working closely with the end client. For the next stage I was working more closely with the team at Datopian, who would be ultimately responsible for delivery of the final product. My role in this implementation phase was two fold, first to consult on the approach we would take, second to deliver high fidelity prototypes. The team was keen to utilise a CSS framework in the building on the new website. I provided an overview of the most suitable options, and their pros and cons as they pertained to this project. We agreed upon Tailwind CSS, which I then used to build the prototypes.

Project roles

  • Visual identity
  • Web design
  • Web build
  • Consultancy