Personal blog, with bespoke magazine inspired design.

SMTH is predominately a blog, featuring my writing about topics in and around design and digital media. The site, which is a work in progress, is also intended to provide a home for any other web content that I might create. For example, photography, or perhaps social media.

Given the the subject matter and intention of the site, I wanted the design to do something a little different than a typical blog design. Creating a home page that mimicked a magazine cover I felt was an interesting challenge; this also lent itself to me being able to make light of the self-serving nature of this site, by putting myself on the “cover”.

Home page screenshot

Much like a magazine, the cover changes over time. It evolved into a vehicle for illustration work.

Home page screenshot
Home page screenshot

The theme continues on the post pages, which resemble a double page spread. Feature images can ever be custom illustrations, or photos that are given a halftone-like effect.

Article page screenshot

The site is built using a static site generator, which currently converts markdown files to blog post pages, and pulls externally hosted photos from an API.

Photo page screenshot

The site is a live work in progress.

Project roles

  • Illustration
  • Web design
  • Web build