West Atlantic

Personal project, designing the physical manifestation of money for an imagined future nation.

West Atlantic

The year is 2146. Rising global temperatures have lead to large areas of land becoming too hot to support life. In reaction to the submersion of cities and civilisations, some populations have withdrawn to higher, protected ground. Other groups have decided to exploit the seas, creating new oceanic nations.

Though the move to the ocean was forced upon the population, this change is presented by those in power as an achievement; a triumph of human ingenuity. Early pioneers of sea exploration are held in the highest esteem, as well as pragmatist philosophers who’s writing is seen to have helped humanity cope with the disaster. The journey from land to sea has become emblematic of the human race.

West Atlantic Bank logo
West Atlantic Bank logo

Banks have more power than ever in this new world, so their branding would feature heavily on the new currencies. The concept behind this identity centres on the triangle. As a symbol of strength it represents the role that West Atlantic played in the stabilisation of the Eastern Seaboard region. This transition is represented in the arrow like triangles that form the “WA” of the logo. Triangular patterns form part of the visual identity.

100 and 1000 Cred bank notes
1000 Cred banknote back

The concept at the centre of these banknotes is honouring east coast Americans, who’s work aided humanity’s transition to the deep. The notes feature a portrait, composed of triangles, along with a quote from the honoured American. The reverse acts as a vehicle for West Atlantic branding, reinforcing the company’s importance in the Eastern Seaboard region. Security features are present on both sides of the notes.

Banknote security features
  1. Ultra-violet: Under ultra-violet light, various details of the design appear bright green.
  2. Micro-lettering: Difficult to reproduce, very fine lettering, spelling out the value of the note.
  3. Metallic hologram: Embedded metallic holograms reveal images of skylines from former surface cities.
  4. Tracking image: Unique, procedurally generated patterns allow users and banks to scan the notes for provenance details.
5000 Cred card 5000 Cred card back 10000 Cred card 10000 Cred card back

The bankcards are a compacted variation on the banknotes. Both sides features the procedurally generated triangular pattern, allowing for image recognition. On one side this is used extensively, as part of the visual identity, on the other as a small strip. The quotes, as featured on the notes, continue on the cards. An additional security measure of a branded badge, is also present.

5 Cred coin 10 Cred coin

A range of commemorative coins continue the theme of honouring the past, but widen the focus from individuals to former cities. The five and ten CRED coins feature representations of former Boston and New York City skylines.

Project roles

  • Logo design
  • Visual identity
  • Illustration
  • Print design
  • 3D modeling